Deliver tokens with top security and speed


Pre/Mid-Campaign – Blockchain marketing is anything but easy; not all crypto users are true enthusiasts willing to invest in and spread the word of your project. How do you effectively target the right communities?

Post-Campaign – There are millions of tokens and thousands of  addresses to distribute to. Even the smallest mistake can be detrimental to your funds and credibility. How can you securely  deliver your promise to users and investors?

Infinito Solutions

Community Airdrop Program – Promote your Tokens to the right audience. Infinito Wallet users are true blockchain enthusiasts and the most likely potential investors for your project.

Infinito Token Distribution – Compile your list of blockchain addresses along with numbers of tokens for distribution, then hand everything over to Infinito for lightning-fast and ultra secure delivery.


Detailed Real-Time Progress Tracking and Report

Custom or Ready-Made Address Distribution List

Various Additional Airdrop Promotions

Value-added Services: KYC Integration


No matter which stage of ICO campaigning, Infinito can be of service.

Want to enhance Token trust? Veri-sign it. Have a DApp with Token-based functions? List it on App Square. Need an own-branded blockchain product for your business? Get a White Label Wallet.

Discover more ways how we support blockchain companies with Infinito solutions.