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As a leading blockchain R&D house, Infinito welcomes all major industry players to our Ecosystem. Through our Coin Integration service, Infinito Wallet can easily enable support for your Coin and its unique blockchain functionality such as enabling DApp creation, token standards, smart contract protocols, exclusive features, etc.

Infinito Wallet can greatly enhance community trust for your Tokens via Veri-Sign Seals, granted by Infinito or influential Veri-Sign Providers. You can also effectively promote your Tokens by gifting them to communities en masse via our Community Airdrop Program, where your Token will additionally receive extensive PR coverage.

For blockchain DApp creators, our App Square can help you effectively engage and acquire massive user communities. Simply submit your DApp to Infinito for review and easily integrate with us via our plug-and-play App Square API. App Square also offers extra value-added offers such as KYC/AML, referral marketing, and so on.

Infinito is selectively expanding our  partner network and thus Ecosystem by integrating with practical blockchain innovations to enable mass adoption for businesses and consumers. Being an Ecosystem partners will net you extensive marketing coverage as well as exciting opportunities for deep technology collaboration with us!

Interested in becoming an Infinito partner to further grow your user community by leveraging the value of a powerful partnership? Our Infinito Wallet welcomes blooming ICOs, Blockchain Service Providers, and Blockchain Developers, providing all Partners with a comprehensive marketing and technology infrastructure through Infinito Ecosystem.

At the same time, Infinito also offers various Consultancy, R&D, and Business services plus solutions for all stages of business development. Provided either as turnkey or tailorable solutions according to your business strategy and specific industry.

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