Blockchain technology represents a new generation of innovation, capable of creating major revenue-generating opportunities for businesses across various industries.

Seamlessly adopt blockchain

into existing business models

Infinito creates value for traditional businesses by helping them easily realize and harness the power of blockchain technology for their existing business models and plans.



Important data we can help you collect is being lost at your trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, etc. There are few, if any, feasible alternatives that help you learn meaningful customer behaviors and habits at events aside from reviewing sales. This hurts profits and diminishes your capacity to plan effectively.


In creating digital event tokens and enabling blockchain, you see how attendees earn, spend, and exchange your digital event currency. This gives you otherwise immeasurable insight into the needs and trends of your attendees to help you plan your future events efficiently and resourcefully.

Loyalty programs


Many companies use rewards schemes to maintain brand loyalty but the process is tedious and wasteful. Conventional rewards program are time consuming, expensive, usually use print coupons and vouchers, leave relatively no means of calibrating effectiveness, and give insufficient means of verification.


Let Infinito Wallet be your new Member/Rewards card! All points are digitized and delivered within the application. Customer trends and profiles can easily be generated. Loyalty rewards can easily transfer between chains to promote brand loyalty. Validation through KYC (know your customer) is quick and secure.



Establishments serving returning customers daily such as coffee shops, gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. use numerous tactics to retain clients. Despite loyalty memberships and reward programs, one can still lose customers due to competition and outdated practices.


Promote your business and improve retention through the creation of exclusive currencies and rewards! With KYC, digitalize currency and utilize unique/exciting branding, optimize loyalty programs to stand out amongst the competition, and keep your retention campaigns fresh!



A vast, continued influx of clients, many of which lacks thorough verification. Database encounter loss and hack frequently as malicious entities always aim for big organizations to obtain mass data. How do you efficiently manage client data while protecting both your own business and its investors?


Infinito's KYC Verification solution significantly streamlines and secures client data registration and storage, allowing you to instantly and precisely verify onboarding client profiles using blockchain technology, which fends off all external attempts to alter or misappropriate information.

Let Infinito handle all the technical complexities of the blockchain and help you understand how to best apply this techonology to your current business infrastructure.

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