Released your token and need a credible wallet? Infinito Wallet already supports it along with all ERC20 and NEP-5 tokens! Fill up the form, promote the QR code, and let users scan it with Infinito Wallet (iOS / Android). Your token will appear on their wallet instantly! Try it yourself now - scan the QR code on this page with Infinito Wallet.

Please fill out the form completely

* Provide a valid NEP-5/ ERC20 Smart Contract Address

Full URL to the icon file. Must start with http or https. Must include extension: png, jpg or jpeg.

Note: ICO_Token_Type:ICO_Address?name=ICO_Name&symbol=ICO_Symbol&decimal=ICO_Decimal&iconurl=ICO_Icon&officalsite

Test the QR code before sharing!

Suggested message to publish along with the QR code

  • Infinito Wallet is recommended to store your tokens.
  • To enable the token, download Infinito Wallet for Android or iOS.
  • On your Dashboard, tap on the "+" icon then select the "Tokens" tab. From there, tap on the QR scan code icon.