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With blockchain,  transactions can be pseudonymous and intermediary-free. How do you connect the pseudonymity of blockchain to services where millions of client profiles must be transparently disclosed?

Infinito provides turnkey Know Your Customer (KYC) solution for exceptional business experience. Your ICO investors or existing service users are authorized and categorized through pre-registration and administrative approval steps for safe and efficient service provision.

Infinito KYC, also provided as a White Label product, can be operated in connection with any third-party services or directly with Infinito Wallet, utilizing the app's seamless user flow. From blockchain address registration, KYC verification, to tokens distribution, all in one with full compliance!

Infinito KYC solution is based

on 3 principles:


With full data encryption, extensive network monitoring, and real-time alert systems.


Efficient load balancing with seamless upgrade possibilities, hosted on the cloud.


Freely customizable to comply with any specific industry regulations.

In the IoT era, data security has become a must-have for all cyber services. With Infinito’s comprehensive KYC/AML solution, ICOs and Blockchain Service Providers can confidently do business and avoid running into frauds.

Rigorous due diligence procedure – Safeguard your ICO to success.

Know who you are dealing with –  Transparency goes both ways.

 Customizable compliance measures – For specific business needs.

Optimized database organization – Take charge of your client influx.

With compliance solutions from Infinito, you earn the trust of both sides, community and regulators, while always knowing who you are doing business with!

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