Build powerful blockchain apps and services

An open and feature-packed toolbox, Infinito SDK enables effortless development of blockchain dApps and services through multi-blockchain APIs that grant access to a wide array of powerful blockchain modules.

Infinito SDK

is the streamlined toolkit that enables effortless, API-driven development of innovative blockchain-based dApps and services.

Infinito APIs

accessible through Infinito SDK, grant multi-blockchain access to integrate a wide variety of blockchain-based functions.

Infinito Blockchain Platform

compiles of valuable blockchain modules ready to infuse diverse blockchain functionality into dApps and services.

Infinito API is based on three key elements:

Blockchain Libs

Offline generation for blockchains – Seed Phrase and Addresses, password protection, etc.

Blockchain API

Online interaction with blockchains – transactions, balances, time stamping, verification, etc.


Online notifications from blockchains – reception of progress, current states, etc.

Infinito API unifies communication with different blockchains. Look to our wallet creation function as an example:

createWallet = (blockchains, seed_phrase, password, isTestNet)

Usage example:
coreWallet.createWallet([“BTC”, “ETH”], “12-words-of-seed”, “private key password”, false)

wallet = {blockchains:[btc: {address:xxx,privatekey:xxx},eth:{address:yyy,privatekey:yyy}]}

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