Publish own-built dApps and get instant users


If you build a useful application, users will naturally come to you.


You must seek and attract users on a daily basis and earn their trust not only to captivate their initial interest, but also to retain their long-term engagement and commitment to your product – a costly and time-consuming process that takes up resources that you could otherwise spend to develop a better app!

Benefits for Apps & Developers

Instant access to the whole community of Infinito Waller users: 60,000+ and counting.

Leverage ready-made crypto payment and crypto exchange modules along with multi-blockchain APIs.

Marketing based on user behaviour: providing suggestions for Apps that might be of use to the user based on their previous app or service usage.

App Square compatibility

Web3 and iOS/Android-native DApps

Wallet Connection Service

The App is a native Android / iOS app launched externally. Wallet Connection Service is used for payments.

Wallet Native Platform

The App is launched within IW application through integrated web browser with communication over Web3 or Scatter APIs.

Infinito APIs

Enable better business logics for the App: request User’s address balance and analyze transaction history.

Integrate Pay Button UI element with crypto exchange and other features.

Wallet recognizes all Apps by their unique IDs, assigned when the App gets listed on App Square.

If your DApp has proprietary Tokens to enable extra user benefits, you might also be interested in airdropping them to communities to spread adoption, getting them Veri-signed to enhance exposure and user trust, or other Infinito Wallet-based services!

Are you ready to transform your business with Infinito?