Enhance your apps and web services

with blockchain in one click!

Infinito Gadgets

Streamline user interaction with your apps and web services via QR Codes or actionable Buttons connected to Infinito Wallet.

Infinito Widget

Enhance user experience for your websites with widgets of useful information retrieved from the blockchain. Coming soon!

Utilize Infinito Gadgets and Widgets and receive extensive marketing promotion from Infinito: monthly PRs, Infinito Wallet newsfeed updates, and access to Infinito Wallet’s community of 60,000+ crypto users!


Infinito currently offers Pay/Donate with leading cryptocurrencies, Token Listing, and Contact Gadgets. More coming soon!

Pay/Donate Gadget

Websites and apps can receive payment in crypto through Infinito Wallet with in-app Infinito Pay Button or Payment QR Code.

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Token Listing Gadget

ICOs can generate and promote a QR code that enables their tokens on top of users’ Infinito Wallet dashboard upon scanning.

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Contact Gadget

Businesses can seamlessly connect to users by enabling them to save business crypto addresses as Contacts for quick payments. Coming soon!


Infinito currently offers Market Info, Address History, and Balance Tracking Widgets. More coming soon!

Market Info

Displays real-time market prices and other information for selected coins or tokens.

Transaction History

Lets users view any crypto address’ transaction history in different graphical formats.

Balance Tracking

Shows the balance records of a crypto address from supported blockchains.

To enable Infinito Widgets for your website, generate a wrapped snippet code for your webpage. Coming soon!

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