Based on four fundamental pillars, Infinito Ecosystem is an integrated infrastructure for blockchain dApps, services, and token holders that enables the safe and efficient utilization of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Layer

An expanding list of public and permissioned blockchains supported by Infinito’s technology infrastructure.

Functionality Layer

Various modules that provide advanced problem-solving functionality, developed by Infinito and  expert partners.

Service Layer

Provides professional blockchain services for various  business purposes, developed by Infinito and expert partners.

User Layer

Businesses (blockchain and traditional) and consumers (developers and end-users) using Ecosystem Services.

Both the Functional and Service Layers are continuedly enhanced by Infinito and our expert partner network, then brought to consumers through a user-friendly yet utmost professional manner. In return, developer communities utilize our modules and services to build and contribute back to this Ecosystem. This innovative synergy benefits all Ecosystem members and contributes to advance the vision of blockchain mass adoption.

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