Strategic Partner of Infinity Blockchain Holdings, KOBEA Group, Signs MOU with Graduate School in Uzbekistan to Build the First Blockchain Academy

January 30, 2019


KOBEA Group, a strategic partner of Infinity Blockchain Holdings who is behind the world-leading Universal Wallet for the widest range of cryptocurrencies, Infinito, has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Republican Graduate School of Business and Management named after Abu Rayhan Beruni under the National Agency of Project Management (NAPM) under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to establish the first blockchain academy in Central Asia. The MOU signed involves mutually beneficial cooperation to raise awareness of blockchain and develop future experts in the field.

The cooperation between the Republican Graduate School of Business and Management and KOBEA with Strategic partners serves to be a practical step for readying a force of Uzbek blockchain specialists by 2021. The blockchain academy to be established will equip aspiring specialists with all essential blockchain knowledge. These future specialists can be anyone interested in cryptocurrencies, employees of banks and financial institutions, fintech professionals in all aspects of blockchains, sidechains, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and any other digital assets.

On the other hand, to hire the best of the best educators, the academy plans to attract established blockchain experts, including foreigners, who have a unique combination of extensive working experience in the financial sector and solid knowledge in the fields of information technology, information security systems, and cryptography. The overall goal is to produce more qualified personnel in the fields of blockchain and cryptographic assets to facilitate social adoption.

Infinity Blockchain Holdings is currently engaged in various academic initiatives with partnerships with top educational institutions in Asia. This list of academia includes University of Malaya (Malaysia), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), and top 5 universities in Vietnam. Furthermore, the holding company is formally collaborating with governments in Southeast Asia to spread blockchain awareness and understanding.

Together, the parties aim to make Republican graduate school of Business and Management named after Abu Rayhan Beruni under the National Agency of Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan one of the world’s top 10 blockchain education hubs by 2025.

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