Infinito Welcomes Seven Partners to its Ecosystem

May 27, 2019

SINGAPORE, May 30th 2019 – Infinito has welcomed a host of new partners to the Infinito Ecosystem. Sofitto, JEDA, DEXEOS, CryptoWolf, EOS Account Creator, WisePass, Coinfirm have joined Infinito to accompany the next phase of growth of its crypto ecosystem and offer new benefits and advanced features to its members.


Several of them will also work with Infinito to natively integrate their service into the wallet. Infinito is rapidly enhancing its existing ecosystem of users, DApps, and businesses to provide blockchain community with a safe place to manage crypto wealth, enjoy decentralized applications, and make payments securely in few clicks. Infinito Points and Membership Program will be introduced in early June, together with the issuance of Infinito Token which will fuel the Infinito Ecosystem as its main currency.


Seven Partners – and Counting – to Offer Enhanced Experience for Infinito Ecosystem Members


Belgian blockchain fintech leader Sofitto, founded by the creators of Mycelium, is joining Infinito ecosystem via native integration of their flagship hardware wallet product, Sugi NFC card into Infinito Wallet. This adds an ultra secure and convenient crypto storage and payment solution for Infinito users, that works just like an everyday debit card. Exclusively for Infinito members, 100 Sugi cards will be given away for free via a lucky draw and the card itself will be available at a 20% discount for the three coming months.


For EOS users, wallet experience will also be upgraded with a seamless native EOS account creation feature, and more advanced features to be announced, from Infinito and its partners EOS Account Creator and JEDA. To welcome Infinito Members to EOS ecosystem, EOS Account Creator is providing 200 free EOS accounts while JEDA is giving away 100 free accounts – on a first-come first-served basis.


DEXEOS, a leading decentralized exchange for EOS cryptocurrencies, is giving Infinito Members a zero transaction fee offer for the first six months – meaning that Infinito members can freely trade their EOS tokens without any extra fees incurred.


CryptoWolf, a non-custodial exchange member is coming to Infinito ecosystem. To promote their value in the ecosystem, the exchange is offering Infinito members 20% off on all trading fees for the coming six months.


Coinfirm, a leading compliance technology platform, is giving Point holders a safer way to make their crypto transactions. On top of providing free-of-charge basic transaction risk reports to all Infinito Wallet users, Coinfirm will also start offering advanced risk reports exclusively to Infinito Members at zero cost, with T&C applied. Further on the wallet roadmap, crypto fraud reporting feature will be introduced as an effort to make the crypto world safer as well as to incentivise active contributors.


WisePass, a fast-growing lifestyle application will give away 100 pay-as-you-go Pass vouchers, worth of USD 35 each, to Infinito members to enjoy luxury services in Vietnam. Each Pass can be used to get exclusive meals, wine, haircut, Starbucks, movie tickets, and more at over 300 high-class venues connected to WisePass service which spans across Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Southeast Asia in the near future.


On the new Membership Program and its contributing partners, Infinito’s Director, Jack Nguyen, comments: “We are thrilled to see Infinito Ecosystem  growing with so many partners and users joining worldwide. Infinito’s goal has always been to build the most valuable and scalable ecosystem where users and business can enjoy the value of blockchain in a safe and convenient manner, and we want to invite blockchain players to join our program to add value to the community”.


Infinito Points and Tokens: Accelerate the Ecosystem’s Growth


As of today, Infinito Ecosystem has gathered a  large consumer base of 400,000 wallet users around the globe, as well as over 50 leading valuable apps and services onboard. With its current scalable infrastructure of Infinito Wallet for user engagement, and Infinito App Square and Blockchain Platform for DApp integration, the ecosystem is welcoming more and more users and blockchain services to join everyday. The strong future growth of Infinito will be based on a seamless payment experience for ecosystem players. Infinito’s payment platform will enable ease of cryptocurrency payments and remove blockchain interoperability obstacles. By solving user experience challenges in the cryptocurrency world, Infinito aims to build a standard that has long been missing for consumers and businesses in the blockchain space, making the experience with decentralized ecosystems bring as much joy and convenience as traditional fiat-based systems.

To accelerate the growth of Infinito Ecosystem, incentivize, and synergize collaboration between all its members, the team is introducing Infinito Points and Tokens through their time-limited sales program. Points will serve as the foundation of the membership program, while tokens will be the fuel for the ecosystem and its universal payment platform.