Infinity Blockchain Holdings to Strategically Partner with the Government of Uzbekistan for Introduction of Blockchain Technology

November 26, 2018

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Infinity Blockchain Holdings (Infinity Blockchain Holdings) Pte. Ltd. had the honour to partake in an assembly with the National Agency of Project Management (NAPM) under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, alongside blockchain association KOBEA Group Co. Ltd. (Korea Blockchain Entrepreneur Association) and blockchain industry titans Wowoo Exchange (Wowoo X Pte. Ltd) and Emurgo HK Ltd. Concluding the meeting, a landmark deal was reached where all the above companies are to develop strategic projects with the aim to introduce blockchain to Uzbekistan.


At the meeting, issues such as the establishment of Uzbek government-licensed cryptographic exchange, the development of the digital economy and blockchain technology, and the development of a national administrative system based on blockchains were discussed. In addition, the Uzbek government is reportedly planning to introduce blockchain to all sectors of society including health care, social welfare, education, and culture as well as management and monitoring of the state budget.


Cryptocurrency regulations are quite lax in Uzbekistan. In early September 2018, the Republic fully legalized the activities of  the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges. with the aim to attract more the arrival of investments in the state economy. Digital asset holders are exempt from paying taxes when it comes to crypto transactions, as long as the virtual currency has no relation to securities. And now the Republic has taken an interest in formally teach its population about blockchain in education institutions. This strategic partnership of Uzbekistan with leading blockchain companies from Asia has brought attention from all over the world.


NAPM, amongst its various missions, works to introduce cutting-edge technologies to the public administration system and facilitate social implementation. Meanwhile, Infinity Blockchain Holdings is the holding company behind the world-leading Universal Wallet for the widest range of cryptocurrencies, Infinito Wallet, and the powerful technological infrastructure behind it, Infinito Blockchain Platform. Infinity Blockchain Holdings along with Emurgo and Wowoo are strategic partners of KOBEA, all of whom will work together with NAPM for the development of strategic projects to introduce blockchain technology to Uzbekistan, according to the agreement reached.


“We are pleased to cooperate with Digital Trust and intend to transfer our legal and educational experience in implementing the blockchain technology to Uzbekistan, thus contributing to the development of your country. I am confident that our knowledge in managing innovations can be useful for implementation of the reforms taking place in Uzbekistan”, said Yuji Akaba, partner and consultant of Infinity Blockchain Holdings.


Representing Infinity Blockchain Holdings, Marketing Head Ellena Ki introduced the company’s most renowned project, Infinito, its powerful and secure Universal Wallet app for leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain dApps, Infinito Wallet, and the robust technical infrastructure backing it, Infinito Blockchain Platform. The authorities of Uzbekistan are very open to paving ways for blockchain technology to be introduced to the Republic, so Infinity Blockchain Holdings has proposed the institution of blockchain education courses in universities through official collaboration.


Infinity Blockchain Holdings highlighted  its current partnerships with top education institutions in Asia including University of Malaya (Malaysia), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), and 5 universities in Vietnam along with notable successful governmental collaborations to spread blockchain awareness and understanding. Seeing how open the Uzbek administration is to adopting blockchain, as well as Infinity Blockchain Holdings’s proven track record of collaborative education programs with various government institutions; the holding company is rightfully confident in blockchain’s bright future in Uzbekistan.


From Emurgo HK’s side, CEO Alex Hayashi commented: “Uzbekistan today, more than ever, is open to innovations. And we are ready to help the country learn what the blockchain is, why it is so convenient, and how to raise the standard of living in all areas with it”.


This assembly made national news as it was broadcasted by native Uzbek broadcasting stations. A short news segment in Russian language is available for view below.

As agreed, the leading Asian blockchain experts shall partner with the government of Uzbekistan for the introduction of blockchain including the establishment of a government-approved crypto exchange coupled with education programs to spread blockchain awareness to develop future experts. Combined with the Republic’s recent legalization of blockchain, the future of blockchain in Uzbekistan looks to be a vibrant one.