Infinito Launches Multi-Blockchain API for Developers, Powering Easy and Efficient DApp Development

November 2, 2018

Infinito, the team behind leading universal wallet for major smart contract blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH), NEO, EOS, and Cardano, has released its Infinito Multi-Blockchain API as the first-step solution for service developers utilizing dApps and blockchain technology.

To develop services using dApps and blockchains, it is essential to build nodes that support blockchain network as well as many software required to access and analyze blockchain data. Service development is also complex as development and setting for each blockchain infrastructure built on different design philosophies  must be separate.

Infinito Multi-Blockchain API will grant developers seamless access to various blockchains and provide great scalability along with robust security, establishing for them a multi-blockchain service development environment. This API is powering the leading universal wallet app that is rapidly growing worldwide, Infinito Wallet.

Infinito Wallet is one of the foundations of Infinito Ecosystem for users to manage crypto wealth, enjoy applications and to make payments securely and seamlessly in few clicks, while businesses can efficiently build and launch successful blockchain innovations. Through our ecosystem, Infinito aims to drive true blockchain mass adoption for both users and businesses by solving the problems of poor experience, interoperability, and general inaccessibility they are facing in decentralized world.

Infinito Wallet – The Ultimate Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet that Connects Worldwide Coins, Token Holders, and Token Issuers

Ever since its debut to the global market, Infinito Wallet has grown to become a top-tier universal wallet that leads the global expansion of cryptocurrencies and user communities. The wallet app is currently available on both iOS and Android with over 300,000 downloads.

Infinito Wallet supports top coins and tokens including BTC, BCH, and Dash, along with smart contract platforms that support the evolution and expansion of blockchain technology utilization. It is the only mobile wallet service with such wide support for coins and tokens. In addition, the wallet has numerous alliances and implementation of smart contract blockchain platforms.

Firstly at the end of 2017,  Infinito Wallet was officially launched with support for Ethereum and its ERC20 tokens. Then, in the beginning of 2018, the wallet added China’s NEO cryptocurrency, market ranking number 15(*1), along with its token type NEP-5. The Universal Wallet was also the world’s first to support the supporting currency of NEO blockchain infrastructure, GAS.

Recently, Infinito began supporting the first official edition of EOS (MainNet version), ranking fifth (*1) in terms of market capitalization. Later, the Universal Wallet enabled support for all EOS tokens in another industry first for a mobile solution for both EOS blockchain and its assets. This milestone garnered the Universal Wallet much attention from the industry.

On 25 September 2018, Infinito Wallet became the first mobile wallet to integrate support for ADA currency of Cardano blockchain, market capitalization ranking number 9 (*1). This was made possible through official development collaboration with the development team behind Cardano blockchain, IOHK, and enabled safe and convenient management as well as access to ADA currency along with services built on Cardano blockchain.

Additionally, Infinito is expanding its partnership with the blockchain community. The team has announced partnership with the blockchain project and cryptocurrency ONTology, ranking number 25th (*1).

These efforts to spread crypto adoption of Infinito Wallet has been widely covered and appraised by industry experts as well as crypto information sites (Finder, Coinlist, AbitGreedy, Blockonomi, Coinpedia, etc.). The wallet is also widely lauded as the most versatile and safe cryptocurrency wallet in the world.

With the aim to become the ultimate infrastructure to promote social implementation and utilization of blockchain worldwide, Infinito Wallet has plans to include support for more smart contract blockchains including ONTOLOGY, NEM, STELLAR, and other blockchains for popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Currently, Infinito Wallet supports, in alphabetical order, ADA, BCH, BTC, DASH, DOGECOIN, EOS, EOS Mainet Tokens, ERC 20 Tokens, ETC, ETH, GAS, LITECOIN, NEO, and NEP – 5 Tokens.

(*1) See: Coinmarketcap at as of 10 October 2018.


Infinito Unveils New Technology Solutions for dApp Developers – Reducing Development Efforts and Costs While Promoting Service Expansion

Infinito has greatly expanded its technical capabilities as well as partner network, solidifying its position in the industry as the most versatile and secure universal wallet for crypto communities. In the process of collaborating with global development communities, various hurdles and problems in blockchain service development has been brought to light.

For instance, each blockchain platform employs various different technologies, which must be worked on separately for implementation into services. This vastly increases time and manpower required for service development, which, coupled with the complexity in service development and provision itself acts as a massive hurdle for the dissemination and adoption of blockchain-based technology and services.

With this in mind, Infinito began to solve the fundamental problem in service development utilizing high-difficulty blockchains as well as the struggles in spreading the adoption of blockchain services. On top of extending the cryptocurrency wallet service of Infinito Wallet, Infinito also began offering Infinito Blockchain Platform for service developers of blockchain dApps.

Infinito Multi-Blockchain API, which is the first development solution released at this time, acts as an integrated gateway to access and interact with various blockchains. In addition, by this year’s end, Infinito will release Infinito SDK, an all-in-one development toolkit that lowers the development hurdle for services utilizing dApps and blockchains, improves efficiency, and enables cross-blockchain data communication. Sequentially, Infinito Universal API Suite, an extended API service, and Infinito Blockchain Platform, a solution market for developers, will also be unveiled.


Implementing Multi-Coin Functionality into dApps with Infinito Multi-Blockchain API Solution

Infinito Multi-Blockchain API is an integrated gateway that facilitates access and interoperability with multiple blockchains, enabling crypto transactions, balance and history retrieval, and data communication between smart contracts. Technically speaking, it will enable developers to interact with multiple blockchains via Javascript API (Java and C# are planned), create and interact with Smart Contracts, as well as get notified of any updates on blockchain addresses through webhook and state machine. Development Partners interested in Infinito Multi-Blockchain API can register on Infinito’s official website where they can obtain API Keys to start development instantly.

With this API service, developers can send and receive coins/tokens, retrieve address balance and transaction history, view and export transaction history, receive transaction notifications, deploy smart contracts, customize and set transaction fee rates, and display market prices of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it also enables various functionality specific and essential to optimize individual blockchains, such as claiming GAS which is a feature unique to NEO blockchain or managing transaction resources and bandwidths exclusively on EOS blockchain.


Blockchain Development Solutions: SDK and API to Easily Integrate and Implement Various Blockchains for New Business Opportunities

In addition to Infinito Multi-Blockchain API, Infinito’s R&D team is working on prevalent issues in the spread of service development and adoption of blockchain-utilizing services. The Multi-Blockchain API is the first of Infinito’s development solutions and it is committed to solving the development difficulties cryptocurrency implementation which involves dealing with various blockchains. Coming by the end of 2018 is the release of Infinito SDK, the all-in-one toolkit to massively streamline blockchain dApp and service development. Infinito Multi-Blockchain API is one part of Infinito Universal API Suite, an advanced technology solution market for developers that shall be released sequentially.

By using the API Suite and SDK, service developers can easily connect their self-developed services to various blockchain platforms according to their needs and seamlessly connect services developed using the SDK. Not only do Infinito’s solutions help developers eliminate the troubles of development and operation utilizing blockchains but also integrating technology solutions from top industry players from over the globe into their own services.

Currently, Infinito is partnering with blockchain compliance industry leaders such as Blockpass who provides identity authentication (ID/KYC) and Coinfirm who brings advanced anti-money laundering (AML) functionality and compliance know-how. By incorporating the service as a module, safe service development and management can be achieved.

It has become more important than ever to protect the legitimacy of service users and service-operating companies in new technologies with the power of compliance. For example, using Infinito Universal API Suite, a traditional e-commerce platform can plug in crypto payment with integrated auto-exchange functionality. This particular combination will allow their online business to enable flexible cryptocurrency payment where users pay in their selected currency, which is then automatically converted to the crypto desired by the business. Furthermore, by seamlessly connecting to compliance services such as customer authentication using Infinito SDK, e-commerce businesses can utilize risk verification features to vet for potential dangers hidden in commercial activities.

Solutions for service development are available on Infinito Blockchain Platform, the module market for development solutions that can be easily accessed via Infinito SDK and APIs. This ever-expanding platform also contains solutions from blockchain development partners from all over the world who aim to promote the creation of blockchain-utilizing services. With this modularized development solution, Infinito aims to bring about an autonomous development environment to support developers to build new services and businesses.

All these technologies has been and is currently being used in the technical infrastructure that supports Infinito Wallet, which is rapidly expanding globally. Infinito will continue to to address and solve fundamental hurdles in the development as well as dissemination of blockchain-based services that requires complex technical implementations, making blockchain more accessible to service developers as well as business enterprises.

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Infinito and Service Development Business Partners

Services and functions developed using Infinito’s development solutions will be actively supported by Infinito.

Furthermore, a major update in version 2.0 is scheduled for Infinito in November 2018. Together with solutions for developers, Infinito plans to collaborate with powerful service providers around the world to bring breakthrough user experience utilizing blockchain as well as functions required for commercial activities such as trading and settlement.

Infinito serves as a tool to support services and users, enabling safe daily usage and management of crypto assets as well as access to innovative blockchain services.

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