Infinito Turned Heads at 2018 GITEX Technology Week, Dubai

October 25, 2018

Infinito returned to Dubai once again to impress at 2018 GITEX Technology Week, one of the city’s biggest tech events, from 14 to 18th October. This marks our third visit to the UAE’s grand business hub and this time, we introduced to Dubai community, for the first time ever, our ultimate ecosystem to enable blockchain mass ecosystem for businesses and consumers, Infinito Ecosystem. Our Universal Wallet app, Infinito Wallet, also hosted a special reward program exclusively for Dubai and UAE crypto users where they can receive gifts for installing the wallet for the first time.

This grand event attracted over 5,000 visitors with more than 4,000 exhibitors across 24 high-tech sector and 4 days of world-class content featuring conversations and solutions around blockchain, AI, robot, cloud, along with other mega technology trends. Here, our team had the chance to meet and connect with various potential business partners including startups, accelerators, and tech-savvy developers eager to jump into blockchain industry, as well as local research and development labs. It was fascinating to share and discuss viable real-world applications of blockchain tech into not only traditional industries but also services for everyday consumer needs.

Blockchain Technology – Full of Excitement But Also Challenges

Infinito Marketing Co-Leader, Mr. Charlie Bussat, turned heads with his impressive speech on the great interest of startups, tech-savvy developers, and leading enterprises in adopting and developing blockchain technology; as well as, in contrast, the real-world challenges that are regrettably holding back more widespread adoption of this new technology.

Implementation of blockchain tech brings about substantial benefits: enhanced speed and security along with improved operational costs and settlement time, while unfolding new business opportunities thus revenue sources. However, there are sizable obstacles standing in the way of adoption. The industry along with its market are rife with uncertainty and distrust due to lacklustre security measures, strict evolving regulations, uncertain ROI, and insufficient technical skills and knowledge which greatly complicate development. Despite this, interest in blockchain is sky-high and its near-future market size is predicted to move towards billions of dollars in value. Many from startups to enterprises have began to experiment with blockchain implementation and/or development, all in hope to maximize the potential and thus their own profit from this new and promising tech.


Infinito Ecosystem – Solving the Blockchain Mass Adoption Puzzle

At Infinito, we work to build powerful and practical solutions to help anyone, from commercial businesses to average consumers, to utilize and implement blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Therefore, we build Infinito Ecosystem – an integrated infrastructure for dApps, blockchain services, and token holders that powers the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

Infinito Ecosystem provides blockchain solutions for all stages of business/service development – from concept to operation, from development to consumer acquisition. For developer solutions, we provide Infinito Blockchain Platform which supplies powerful blockchain functionality modules accessible through Infinito SDK as well as serving as the marketplace for third-party developers to buy and sell own-developed modules. Infinito also offers Custom Development services and White Label solutions that greatly reduces time, resource, and cost spent on service development.

On top of this, we help your business engage and acquire users via Community Outreach Platform that includes Community Airdrop Program, Community Token Veri-Sign Program, and Token Listing. These programs give businesses exposure to over 60,000 active crypto users on the world-leading Universal Wallet for top coins and tokens Infinito Wallet. Through Infinito Ecosystem, businesses can easily build and launch innovative blockchain services while consumers manage crypto wealth and enjoy blockchain innovations, connecting all parties to promote widespread blockchain adoption.

Infinito Services introduction in Dubai was well-received by businesses, developers, and blockchain consumers alike. Additionally, we also hosted a reward program for first-time wallet installers in UAE.

Infinito Wallet at GITEX: Meeting Long-Time Fans And Welcoming New Infinitors

To help more users out there get started with cryptocurrencies, Infinito team brought a very special gift for UAE crypto communities: 5,000 exclusive rewards for newcomers to our Infinito Wallet. Held throughout the event from 14 to 18th October, this campaign rewarded new users 0.6 GAS ($3 value) for installing and joining the Universal Wallet community. Blockchain newbies at GITEX were ecstatic to jump into crypto via Infinito Wallet and our team is proud to help promote cryptocurrency adoption by giving crypto novices a high-quality universal wallet to start managing and growing their crypto wealth.


Download Infinito Wallet

Aside from the support of new users, Infinito Wallet also received overwhelming love from fans in Dubai who value the Universal Wallet for its robust security and support for the best coins and tokens. Our team has gained much insight on how to make Infinito Wallet even better for global crypto communities and we are honoured to provide crypto consumers with the best Universal Wallet service. We will be travelling to Malaysia next to spread the value of our Infinito Ecosystem for mass adoption, so please stay tuned!


Infinito Services – Continually Expanding Our Ecosystem

In addition to providing development and community outreach solutions through Infinito Ecosystem, Infinito plans to integrate with powerful service providers around the world to bring practical everyday services such as Fiat Gateway, integrated Crypto Exchange, KYC/AML Verification, and many more. These services will be of use not only to businesses and developers utilizing our Infinito Blockchain Platform, but also to crypto consumers of the universal gateway to leading blockchains and their services, Infinito Wallet.


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