Infinito Speaks at 2018 Blockchain EXE Conference in Hong Kong.

August 26, 2018

Infinito Wallet, the leading universal wallet that supports the most extensive list of coins and tokens, traveled to Hong Kong for the 2018 Blockchain EXE Conference on August 25th, 2018. This event was hosted by Token News HK and featured prominent guest speakers from INFINITO, NEM, ANX, HKBCS, HKU, and Connectome to discuss blockchain technology and the future of smart cities. The Conference captivated the interest of many crypto fans as well as well-known figures from ICO projects, cryptocurrency exchanges, academics, and Fintech companies.   

Representing Infinito team, Product Marketing Leader Ellena Ki was there to present universal wallet and its breakthrough feature: Token Verification, ICO Tab, and Wallet Connection. Event attendees, both crypto fans and ICO companies alike, showed great interest in these valuable features as well as Infinito’s growing support for crypto assets. This truly makes Infinito Wallet the top choice for both investors and ICOs!

Token Verification Service is a feature ensuring that investors are linked to the exact ICO platform of their intended investment. ICO companies can make use of this service by generating a special QR Code for their token and place it on their official ICO website. Users can simply scan this QR Code to enable the ICO’s official token with a Verisign mark endorsed by Infinito Wallet on users dashboard. This means that the token and its smart contract are officially verified that they belong to the precise ICO that the investor wants to invest in.

Meanwhile, ICO Tab allows investors to see detailed, official ICO information and clear directions on basic steps needed to invest, ensuring error-free transactions mutually beneficial for both sides.  With ICO Tab, users of Infinito are now fully protected from the risk of sending funds to wrong or scam addresses.

Wallet Connection is another great feature that Infinito would like to introduce to crypto communities and blockchain services. With this feature, users can conveniently make payments to any supported third-party exchanges, dApps, and blockchain services from Infinito Wallet and start using them. The recipient’s contact information, including name and blockchain address, can also be saved in the wallet so our users will not have to go through the lengthy process of copying addresses to transfer funds. This will not only save time but also protect our users from unwanted mistakes. With Infinito Wallet’s expanding support of leading coins and tokens, we believe that this feature will become a great asset to both end users and blockchain businesses. 

After the great success at Blockchain EXE in Hong Kong, Infinito Team will attend the Token News Conference in Manila, Philippines! Stay tuned for more on this event.

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