Infinito Services Website Launch: An Exciting Journey Towards the Blockchain Era

July 17, 2018

The Infinito team has embarked on its exciting journey towards the blockchain era via the official launch of our website for Infinito Services,! Stunningly and intuitively designed, provides comprehensive information on our versatile blockchain-based services. Infinito aims to turn the complexities of blockchain into practical solutions for businesses, enterprises, developers, and user communities while navigating the evolving landscape of regulatory compliance.

Businesses and Their Challenges

All businesses encounter hurdles and obstacles, regardless of industry and maturity level. As blockchain technology is still in its infancy stage, blockchain companies must spend much time and resources on core product development, endeavoring to introduce innovation to the market while distinguishing themselves from previous failed or scam projects. In addition to having to explore the intricacies of blockchain interactions, blockchain projects must also establish trust with communities and attract investments. This puts a tremendous strain on resource allocation, which can be especially devastating for startups.

On the other hand, enterprises are constantly seeking means to optimize overhead expenses for various projects while elevating their existing business models to new heights. The art of business operation involves many intricacies in event organization, campaign planning, database management, and much more, all while maintaining and maximizing revenue as well as minimizing operational costs. These are no simple tasks!

Last but not least, developers, researchers, and blockchain enthusiasts alike take great interest in this promising cutting-edge technology. However, the world of blockchain is one of much complexity and there are currently little to no existing platforms for these inquiring minds.

Infinito Services – Decentralized Synergy for Your Business

To help businesses as well as creators overcome these obstructive challenges, Infinito team has begun offering innovative blockchain-based solutions via Infinito Services provide access to the multi-blockchain Infinito Ecosystem, a foundation that empowers investors, blockchain businesses, enterprises, and developers to enrich and utilize blockchain technology for their individual needs.

Infinito Ecosystem is based on four pillars: the Blockchain Layer, the Functional Layer, the Service Layer, and the User Layer. The Functional Layer, including the developers’ dream Infinito SDK, consists of core modules, applications, and services that provide high-level problem-solving functionality, connected to blockchains through the unified gateway Infinito API. Meanwhile, the Service Layer inherits and combines the features and functions supplied by the Functional Layer to provide business-tailored blockchain services and products. These two Layers refine and enrich the potentials of various blockchains by presenting them to end-users in a user-friendly yet professional manner while enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the Ecosystem through the synergy of participants’ contribution, fulfilling the needs of a wide range of clients.

Furthermore, the Infinito Ecosystem provides access to Infinito Wallet, the industry-leading universal wallet application as well as the first and fundamental member of the platform. With proactive, inclusive support and a rapidly growing user community, this versatile and secured wallet provides access to a rich ecosystem of practical blockchain services and functionality, actively contributed and enhanced by user communities and developers. Aside from offering Infinito Wallet as is, Infinito additionally offers White-Label Wallet services along with ICO Sales Platform, KYC/AML Verification, Token Verisign, Token Airdrop, Infinito Source Code,and various tailored business solutions. Our all-encompassing offerings allow not only ICO companies to build trust with investors and work in tandem with Infinito towards the successful promotion of their and business, but also both aspiring and experienced developers and blockchain enthusiast to take part in igniting the era of blockchain.

Download Infinito Wallet

Whether you are a new tech-savvy ICO looking to gain trust from investors, an aspiring or experienced developer working on a DApp or blockchain-based application/service, or an industry-leading enterprise interested in expanding a well-established business model, Infinito’s solutions can be of service! No matter the industry, there are always challenges to face as well as resources to allocate, and through Infinito Services, businesses can fully harness the benefits of blockchain technology and flourish through our innovative and versatile blockchain-based business solutions!