Infinito Officially Partners with NeutronPay, Brings Bitcoin Lightning Payment Solution to Blockchain Platform

June 14, 2019

Infinito is partnering NeutronPay to bring their instant crypto payment solution to Infinito Blockchain Platform, allowing any business to easily and securely start accepting payments in Bitcoin, the world’s fastest growing currency. NeutronPay enables instant settlements with little to no fees by tapping into Bitcoin’s powerful payment protocol, Lightning. Meanwhile, Infinito Blockchain Platform (IBP) offers programmers a diverse selection of development APIs, tools, and modules to build and run blockchain applications efficiently.

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Leveraging Bitcoin’s cutting-edge Lightning network, NeutronPay enables both consumers and merchants instant and seamless access to payments in the world-leading cryptocurrency while eliminating fear of fraud and chargebacks. For businesses, NeutronPay also offers a wide range of value-added features including microtransaction utility, free-of-charge manual and scheduled daily withdrawals straight to one’s bank account, and on-the-spot invoice generation.

According to NeutronPay, the most notable use cases for their solution are e-commerce, retail, gaming/e-sports, and charity. In fact, NeutronPay solution is already in use by top e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. NeutronPay also stated that the API version of their payment solution is coming shortly, which will also be featured on IBP.

Meanwhile, Infinito Blockchain Platform is a technology infrastructure that lets programmers easily build and launch blockchain applications using turnkey modules, tools, software, and solutions built by Infinito and its global partner network. Using IBP, DApp creators can significantly save time, cost, and resources thus accelerating time-to-market for their blockchain products. Afterwards, applications can get promoted effectively on Infinito’s App Square, a blockchain apps store accessed daily by thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

IBP currently features 17 modules, 12 blockchain core API/SDKs, and is adding smart contracts plus DApp templates in the future. In fact, Infinito invites developers and technology companies around the world to aboard Infinito Blockchain Platform and create a value-driven marketplace through which anyone utilizing, or looking to utilize blockchain can succeed.

On this technology partnership, Infinito’s Director, Jack Nguyen, comments: “Infinito is excited to welcome Bitcoin payment solution NeutronPay to our Blockchain Platform. With this new addition, we can help global businesses start accepting the world’s fastest growing currency and implement handy financial features to boost their value and streamline everyday operations.”

“Blockchain solutions in Southeast Asia have made considerable progress over the past few years. We are thrilled to have been included into Infinito’s Blockchain Platform, the leading service provider in the region as our partner. This partnership will be a major milestone in Neutronpay’s development in Southeast Asia for Bitcoin Lightning payments. Neutronpay will continue to work closely with our partners, and together we will build a stronger blockchain community.” , says Albert Buu, the CEO of NeutronPay.