Infinito Holds An Exclusive INFT Airdrop At Cointime Summit 2019 Vietnam Station in Ho Chi Minh City

July 31, 2019


On 25-26th July, Infinito team attended Cointime Summit 2019 Vietnam Station in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This event is hosted by Cointime and The Blockchainer with the join of numerous blockchain experts, KOLs, and leading companies of the industry.

At this event, 800 participants have successfully registered Infinito Token (INFT) airdrop with the value of approximately $3 for each register. Those who joined Infinito at Cointime Summit 2019 on both 25th and 26th of July can even claim up to $6.


Under the topic “Focus on Market Frontier Driving the Industry to Land”, Cointime Summit 2019 Vietnam Station was a great opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to discuss and get insights on the hottest blockchain topics and most valuable news coverage.

Infinito’s Vietnam Country Head, Ms. Susan Pham, joined the stage to present Infinito Ecosystem and discuss key topic “Explore Vietnam Blockchain Development Potential from the Perspective of Community Operation and Management”. Several interesting questions regarding Infinito’s opinion toward Vietnam market were raised and here is a quick recap in case you missed this exciting event:


Q1: Vietnam is emerging as one key market for numerous global crypto projects including those from Singapore, China, Korea and much more. What are the competitive advantages that make Vietnam different?

Answer: The first and foremost reason is the rapid and cealess growth of Vietnam’s economy. Second, the country’s government and public are paying high attention to financial technology, which opens promising possibilities for all technologies including blockchain. Vietnam ranks 4th globally in terms of countries with the most cryptocurrency users with around 2.4 million active traders. While government is building the regulatory framework to manage and accelerate the growth of blockchain in Vietnam. Several prestigious universities have collaborated with blockchain companies such as Infinity Blockchain Labs (the company from the same group with Infinito) to develop world-class blockchain courses, prepare the industry with skilled workforces.

Q2: As a global company, can you give a short comparison between Vietnam and other markets in terms of market size, activeness and preferences?

Answer: After years of providing blockchain products, services and solutions for users and businesses around the world, we can say that Vietnamese cryptocurrency community is very active. As mentioned before, the number of crypto holders here is top of the world. However, Vietnamese users are still focusing only on the basic application of blockchain: cryptocurrency. It is notable that users have started to use crypto to pay for utility services (gaming, staking, voting and purchasing goods). But what blockchain can offer is beyond just trading and investing on crypto. Therefore, we are trying our best to create the perfect blockchain experience for users, developers and applications in order to bring this disruptive technology into daily life.

To be specific, besides giving users Infinito Wallet to securely store and manage their crypto assets, we have developed Infinito App Square to connect users and innovative DApps. Right inside App Square, Infinito Wallet users can find numerous pioneering decentralized applications from exchange, airdrop, games to lending services and much more. On the other hand, this platform is also the best infrastructure for DApp developers to launch and promote their innovations. By joining our Ecosystem, our partners can approach Infinito’s massive user community around the world, including Vietnam.

Q3: In terms of community operation and management, do you find any difficulty in trying to meet the community demands? What should a project keep in mind if they are planning to enter Vietnam market?

Answer:  Expanding into a new market is never an easy task. There are challenges to be overcome, brand awareness and partnership to be built. As for blockchain industry, companies in Vietnam or in any area of this world have to break the wall of stereotype toward blockchain technology. There are still a vast number of people who know nothing about this cutting edge technology or mistaken it with Bitcoin. Therefore, for blockchain to meets mass adoption, companies will have to change people’s perception as well as create the best products and services that can compete with centralized ones.

When entering Vietnam market, aside from the large number of crypto users here, Vietnamese blockchain developer community is also one advantage the country has to offer. Furthermore, numerous blockchain companies locating in Vietnam can collaborate as one community to grow together.

From Infinito’s side, with our core products including Infinito Wallet, Infinito App Square, Infinito Blockchain Platform and soon, InfinitoPAY along with existing global partner network, we are always here to assist blockchain developers and businesses in their journey to success either for a global partner to join Vietnam market or for a Vietnamese startup to step out to the world.

Q4: Do you company have any activities to boost this community?

Answer: Infinito is launching our new payment platform InfinitoPAY soon to connect all sectors in our Ecosystem (users – applications – businesses), facilitate all transactions and enable a compelling mechanism for both service providers and consumers.

With InfinitoPAY, businesses can join our Ecosystem and enjoy a sustainable revenue model. Furthermore, Infinito is open for all potential partnership opportunities. We are looking forward to collaborating with leading blockchain names in Vietnam to grow together and promote Vietnam as a blockchain hub of Asia.

Regarding users, we are excited about our future reward and benefit program for Vietnamese users similar to INFT airdrop here at Cointime Summit 2019. This month, we are launching Infinito Point Sale with exclusive membership privileges including those from our Ecosystem partners such as TomoChain, WisePass, Sofitto and much more. By joining Point Sale, all users will receive premium rewards and most importantly, get INFT tokens as a special gift so you really should not miss this event.

For developer community in Vietnam, we are promoting Infinito Blockchain Platform – our development platform where DApp creators can find powerful blockchain modules, APIs/SDKs, SaaS, DApp templates and more to utilize in their applications.

With all of these products, we hope to bring crypto payment solution to all parties in our Ecosystem and solve real-world issues. If you would like to know more about Infinito, please visit our website and check out Infinito’s recently released Litepaper.

Cointime Summit 2019 was a great time for Infinito to connect and share our future plans with crypto community in Vietnam. We are grateful to be able to join this event by Cointime and The Blockchainer and it is our honor to see INFT airdrop received such warm support from all participants. Interesting events are coming so please join our Telegram channels or follow us on our social networks to never miss the good things!