Infinito Formally Announces Ecosystem Utility Token, INFT

July 18, 2019


SINGAPORE, July 17, 2019 – We are formally introducing an official utility token, called INFT Token, for our ecosystem this year. The INFT Token will serve as the currency to fuel all transactions made within Infinito Ecosystem and grant blockchain users premium benefits and rewards.

Used by spending or staking, this Utility Token enables access to high-value reward programs, voting rights to define development priorities of Infinito products, rewards for active usage of Ecosystem products and services, and discounts on various DApps.

INFT will let you use advanced financial services such as subscriptions and shared payments. For developers, the tokens serve to reward contribution to Infinito Ecosystem through creation of innovative applications using Infinito’s diverse suite of development tools.

Infinito Ecosystem Growth

Operating since 2016, Infinito provides a robust product ecosystem that targets to eliminate poor blockchain experience faced by end users and application developers. Currently, the Ecosystem features the consumer product Infinito Wallet for easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain services, the blockchain application “store” Infinito App Square that seamlessly connects DApps with global user communities, and Infinito Blockchain Platform for developers to efficiently build and launch decentralized applications.

On our journey to perfect blockchain experience and usage, Infinito also currently working on a new core product in the form of a payment platform, InfinitoPAY. More information on this platform will be revealed to you soon!

By introducing this unique token economy, Infinito aims to incentivize active Ecosystem contribution from both consumers and creators via usage and creation of innovative decentralized products, thus promoting mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Users will be eligible for special airdrop of INFT by taking part in the Infinito Point sale event scheduled for Q3.

More about INFT, including the project’s Litepaper detailing its token economy model, can be found on