Infinito and Sofitto Partners up to Integrate Hardware Wallet Sugi Card into Infinito Wallet for Safe and Easy Payments

July 4, 2019

Infinito has partnered with Belgian fintech leader Sofitto to integrate their crypto payment solution Sugi NFC Wallet Card as a hardware wallet option for Infinito Wallet. This new feature allows users to securely store funds and pay using a hassle-free storage solution that works similarly to a regular payment card. Together, the two blockchain players aim to transform consumer experience by empowering them to secure and leisurely spend cryptocurrencies at their convenience. 

Infinito and Sofitto – A Partnership to Bring about Exceptional Experience for Crypto Users

Developed by Infinito as a secure and convenient solution for users to manage wealth and access financial services, Infinito Wallet with its in-wallet apps store currently empowers hundreds of thousands of global users to access and interact with popular blockchain assets and applications. Currently, the wallet supports – in addition to over 2,000 coins and tokens on 12 leading blockchains – numerous decentralized application (DApps) on Ethereum, EOS, Binance Chain, and Ontology. By the end of this year, Infinito aims to add also support for NEO and TRON DApps for the wallet. Through collaboration with Sofitto, users of Infinito Wallet can have an extra layer of security when transacting crypto, either to other users or as payment to DApps.


Infinito’s Director, Mr. Jack Nguyen, states: “At Infinito, our sights are firmly set on bringing blockchain to mass communities and enabling mainstream adoption. This is why we have teamed up with the fintech leader Sofitto: to let users secure and enjoy spending their cryptocurrencies daily using the innovative Sugi card with a simple tap, just like a good old regular debit card. We hope you will enjoy using this innovative hardware wallet and we are working to get even more partners onboard for your benefit!”


Meanwhile, adopting blockchain means an average consumer has to get used to wildly different ways of managing and using their assets. This is the main idea that drives the development of Sugi card, a PIN-protected crypto “payment card” that seamlessly use crypto in a manner similar to conventional bank cards. Sugi card works in conjunction with a mobile wallet application, in which you sign off transactions by tapping it to your NFC-enabled phone. Your private keys never leave the card as it is an always-offline object. Since Sugi is essentially a passphrase hardware wallet, should you happen to lose the card, you can quickly recover its funds by importing the card’s seed to a compatible crypto wallet. So far, Sugi card supports BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, and selected ERC20 tokens, with more currencies to be added soon.


“As blockchain players on the market, Sofitto and Infinito Wallet both share the vision for widespread blockchain adoption. This is why we are pleased to partner with the Universal Wallet for the integration of our Sugi card, so that more users will get to manage and spend crypto securely and conveniently just like using their bank cards everyday. We hope our Sugi card will  earn a permanent slot in the day-to-day pocket of Infinito Wallet users!”, says Alexander Vasylchenko, CEO of Sofitto.


Additionally, Infinito and Sofitto are also partnering up to support the former’s new Membership Program. So far, this Point-based program has received support from seven partners, including Sofitto, to provide special offers for communities. The concept of Point program is not foreign to the blockchain world; it was first introduced by players like Houbi and Point program has proven to be successful, especially as a means to connect to a wider user community, and it has also opened up many future possibilities for growing the value of blockchain product ecosystems. With Infinito’s own take on the Point program, the company aims to unlock these possibilities and deliver their values to consumers who have chosen Infinito product ecosystem.