All Latest Official Information on Infinito Points, Tokens (INFT), & Point Sale

July 30, 2019

It’s no doubt that you’re excited about Infinito Points and Tokens. Therefore, we have prepared this article to keep you updated with what Infinito team have been working on within the past few months and what you can expect from us in the next few weeks!

Infinito Token – The Currency of Infinito Ecosystem

It’s official, our upcoming utility token is called INFT and here are the specific use cases of INFT for each product of the ecosystem:


Infinito Wallet

Token Usage For Users:

  • Stake at different tiers to enjoy increasing levels of rewards, privileges, & airdrops
  • Discount on transaction fees
  • Pay for transactions when using apps & services in the ecosystem, powered by


  • Reward for growing the ecosystem by referring more new users to it
  • Community governance with voting right for new public blockchain infras, development

roadmap, and more.


Infinito Blockchain Platform

  • Token Usage For Developers:
  • Stake at different tiers to enjoy increasing levels of free access to platform functions

& module usages.

  • Pay for platform usage, powered by InfinitoPAY
  • Get rewarded in Infinito Tokens for high usage of their own modules
  • Get rewarded for coding new platform modules in bounty programs


Infinito App Square

Token Usage For Users:

  • Inherit staking level at Infinito Wallet, enjoy increasing levels of app
  • promotion campaigns
  • Get rewarded for using apps, or giving quality reviews about apps
  • Community governance with voting right for apps to be listed in the month

Token Usage For App Owners:

  • Stake at different tiers to enjoy increasing marketing exposure to user community
  • Get rewarded for app performance rated by user community
  • Infinito Token can be used for app transactions, powered by InfinitoPAY



  • Universal currency to fuel payment experience and revenue structure in the ecosystem
  • Pay with Infinito Tokens to get discounts
  • Receivables in various types of cryptos will be converted to Infinito Tokens through
  • integrated exchanges

Prior to formal listing on public exchanges, INFT will be part of the valuable rewards buyers receive by owning Infinito Points, available for sale on 2nd August 2019! The amount of INFT airdropped to Point owners will be allocated based on the number of Point packages one owns.

More about INFT, including our project Litepaper detailing Infinito’s vision and INFT’s token economy model, can be found on! Additionally, you can also check out our newly launched Infinito Community Report, published bi-monthly exclusively on our official Medium, to keep up with all the latest Ecosystem development progress.

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Infinito Point Sale: 3 Rounds & 5 Packages 

In August, 1,500,000 Points total will be open for sale via a three-round Point Sale program. Round 1, which starts 2nd August on a first-come first-served basis, will have 300,000 Points up for sale. To ensure access for Infinito Wallet’s loyal users, we have designed these rules for each round:

With these rules, users who have been using our products for over 2 months and those who wish to grow Infinito Ecosystem with us will be the first to join Point Sale and get rewards. Buyers can choose from 5 different Point packages including:

Point buyers can participate in one or all three rounds and buy as many Point packages they want. The bigger packages come with more rewards and a bigger amount of INFT in return. This means that by investing on Infinito Points, you will be able to get INFT airdrop, enjoy premium features and offers similar to token’s (aside from staking), and get access to exclusive set of rewards from Infinito’s 7 Ecosystem partners! Buy Point to get free Tokens and double the enjoyment & value you get!

You can pay using ETH, BTC, USDT-Omni, and USDT-ERC20. Please note that due to compliance requirements, Point buyers will need to pass basic KYC to take part in the sale event. The Point Sale website will be open early tomorrow, 31 July 2019, so that you can have an overall look at the whole Point Sale and register KYC in advance, so please stay tuned!


A Brand New Design For Premium Hub in preparation for Point/INFT Implementation

Also, Premium Hub now has a fresh new design in preparation for the Point Sale. When the sale starts later this month, you will be able to buy Points, view total Points/packages bought, and keep track of distribution timelines. Once your Points are delivered to you, you can start participating in voting rounds for the next coin/DApp/feature, earn INFT as a reward, and receive many reward programs offered by our Ecosystem partners.

Infinito team would like to express our sincere thanks for all your support. We are looking forward to beginning our Membership Program and to rewarding you with all the great gifts. Point Sale’s further details will soon be revealed on our Telegram channel first so make sure to keep your eyes and ears on it!